HVDN Locator


Free HVDN Locator Access

Anyone can connect to HVDN Locator.  The user name and password changes monthly.

The current free user name is:  hvdn

The current monthly password is: maple


Support our sponsor

 To keep HVDN Locator running and available for all to use, please support our monthly sponsor by following the advertisement banner.  

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Support HVDN Locator

Help support HVDN Locator. Your contribution helps keep Locator running and to develop additional features.


Setting up your own ADS-B Receiver

FlightAware's website has some easy to follow steps and purchasing recommendations on what you need to get started.  


Setting up your own Virtual Radar Server

HVDN uses Virtual Radar Server along with a few customized features to deliver HVDN Locator, the weather overlay and other features unique to HVDN Locator. More about VRS can be found at:  http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/