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What is HVDN:GO?


Introducing HVDN:GO

  • There is no better way to put the maker and ham radio communities of the Hudson Valley on the map while having fun. Check out our different events, projects, activities and contests below. 


6 New York State Details

  • 54,500 mi² = Total landmass of New York 
  • 5,344 ft = Mount Marcy, highest peak in New York 
  • 18 = Geographic grids covering New York 
  • 17 = Counties comprising the Hudson Valley region
  • 315 Miles =  Length of the Hudson River
  • 8 = Hudson Valley grid squares 


What is a grid square?

  • Grid squares are the easiest way to indicate location with as few as two letters and two numbers, such as FN31.  

  • Two points in a grid square are never more than 7.5 miles apart. The additional sub square pair which would look like FN31bw.