How can HVDN help?

HVDN wants to help ensure that all repeater and hotspot operators know what everyone else is doing in the Hudson Valley to create the best user experience for everyone using the amateur radio spectrum in the Hudson Valley.

Repeater Owner/Operators

Many amateur radio clubs own and operate repeaters.  Members of these clubs help support keeping these resources on the air by paying or donating to the club.

There are also many individual operated repeaters that shoulder all the costs associated with keeping repeaters on the air.  These operators often donate access to these repeaters to support  special events or services, like ARES/RACES.

Running a modern repeater is expensive if you are a club or individual, who are the major users of digital mode repeaters is easy to figure out though, but not every user can become a member of every club or know each repeater owner.

DMR specifically, helps provide access to great content and users that may not normally be reachable. This creates more use on local repeaters which increases the chance of higher operating costs.

HVDN can help provide aggregated donations to clubs or other repeater operators that deserve it.

HVDN offers the following service to repeater owners/trustees:

  • Advice on talk group or reflector coordination in the Hudson Valley

  • Input and assistance for internet backhaul for repeater locations.

  • Temporary or permanent repeater component donations to keep your valuable resource operational.

  • Hosting of basic code plugs or other programming files to promote the use of your repeater.

Partnering with HVDN helps make running a modern amateur radio repeater less burdensome.

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