HVDN ADS-B Local Access


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Your $5.00 donation provides you with 6 months of access to the closest ADS-B receiver to you in the Hudson Valley. 

A user name and password will be provided on a per user/per donation basis.  Access credentials are not to be shared and abusers will be banned from the HVDN ADS-B system unless otherwise resolved.

HVDN appreciates small donations like this  for the sole intent of offsetting our operating costs which include this website, its hosting services, mailing address, the development of new or curated  content found on this website and all the interlinked services we offer to our members and those that got some benefit from HVDN's existence. 

The HVDN is not looking to profit in any way from donations. Our goal is to eventually become a 501.c3 organization. At that time, this site will be updated accordingly.

We may also set aside money raised  through small donations and offer that to other organizations that need a little financial boost in getting projects off the ground such as new amateur radio repeaters, special events or getting more people involved in our great hobby.  Any donations used in this way will be made public record for compliance.

Donations at this time to HVDN are not tax deductible. Donors are welcome to attend any HVDN meeting or inquire about how and where donations were put to use.

The HVDN will seek to become a 501.c3 organization at a time when it makes sense as voted by our leadership and supporting members.

if you would like to make a larger donation financial or otherwise, please contact HVDN directly at