About Hudson valley digital network


Why Hudson Valley Digital Network?

Hudson Valley Digital Network welcomes those from the outdoors, maker, electronics and other related hobbies that are interested in wireless communications in any form.

Our primary goals are to be a digital and physical social, informational, coordination and educational source in the Hudson Valley that caters primarily to hobbyists with expanded and possibly advanced interests.


Boundaries Do Not Exist

Within amateur radio as well as other hobby areas, there is much reason to focus on whats next rather than remain complacent with what has already been done.

Hudson Valley Digital Network seeks to challenge our membership to try something new or help educate those looking for motivation to also become a thought leader in certain skills or knowledge related or enhanced by amateur radio.


HVDN Is _____ For Everyone

HVDN is looking for those interested in taking challenges head on and showing how amazing the modern outdoors, amateur, maker or electronics communications hobbyist can be. We are not for everybody, but at the same time appeal to everyone.