Hudson Valley Mesh Network


What is a "mesh network"?

A "mesh network" combines wired and wireless networking technology to create a self-healing, fault tolerant high speed network capable of operating on licensed and unlicensed spectrum. 

Mesh networks can provide access to the internet as well as "advertised services" to provide unique content and capabilities to network end users. The services available on a mesh network would still be operational and accessible even if the internet was not available.

Examples of "Advertised Services" range from cameras, weather sensors, software defined radio receivers, Voice Over IP, file servers and much more.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Network (AREDN) is the leading platform for mesh networks the amateur radio community is building out globally.

Learn more about AREDN

Example Advertised Service: HVDN & Mesh Chat

  • All "internet" users can share messages and upload files via internet connection after secure login.

  • All RF path users can upload and download files as well as use the text chat function. RF path users are self-validated.

  • If the "Internet" is not available, the HVDN Mesh Chat is still accessible to RF path users. Secure "Internet" login would not be available.

  • If multiple mesh nodes synchronize mesh chat zones, if one node goes offline, the network can still use mesh chat including access to past messages and shared files.

  • Action scripts may be used to activate additional features once connected to HVDN Mesh Chat. (Coming Soon)

  • Join HVDN for "member only" information on SSID and channel bandwidth settings for the 13cm and 33cm Hudson Valley Mesh Project and temporary secure internet login credentials.